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Welcome to yuki brand

Created  in  the  Japanese  tradition,  bathed  by  the waters  of  Indonesia, the  brand, which  focus  is  in  the  production  of  customized  wetsuits  with high  quality  standards, has  become  a  reference in  the  big  surf  scene. Believing  in  the  similarity between  the  modality  and  Formula 1, it  provides structure  to  its  athletes  in  Nazaré, with  three jet skis, accommodation, gym, TV room, kitchen, workshop  and  a  team  of  professionals  to  meet their  needs.

Based  on  investment, product  quality, the  concept  of  tailored  clothing  and  the  team  of athletes, YUKI Brand  navigates  a  free  route  of competition  in  the  same  ocean  where  the  market giants  are.


One of our core values. Click on the box to find out where the rubber to our wetsuits come from and how we take care of it.

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